Mach TV Roku Plus | FAQs
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What do we Sell?
  • We offer access to PIX TV – MACH TV – RADIOSITY TV channel , this Roku and Android apps are the most recommended . With this app’s you’ll be able to access more than 350 Live TV Channels, as well as on demand movies and TV series.
Can I use( MACH TV subscriptions on multiple Roku players?
  • At the moment, each subscription is only good for one Roku player, multiple Roku players require multiple subscriptions.
How will my Roku be activated?
  • Our instructions will guide you step by step while adding the Channel app to your Roku. Afterwards, we will activate you remotely.
Where can I purchase a Roku Player?
  • We recommend purchasing through an authorised seller just like BestBuy, Target, WalMart,, etc. You can contact us afterwards to activate your new Roku.
Do you make recurring charges to credit cards?
  • No. For security reasons, payments have to be made manually after your subscription comes to an end.

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